Granted Travels

Simplify. Explore. Serve.

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Welcome to Granted Travels! We are the Grant family - Nathan, Danielle, and our two boys Ben (3), & Weston (1). The four of us have started a wild journey of "slow-traveling" the world together as a family.  Our hope is to document our adventures and hopefully inspire others to take a risk and live out their dream life. So kick off your shoes and stay a while, our journey is just getting started!



So far we have been pretty spontaneous as to where we travel, but keeping an open-mind and staying flexible has worked well for us so far. These are some goals that our family is consistently working on, and hope that our travels and adventures will keep us on track with our goals. 

01. Simplify

Before we were able to start slow-traveling around the world, we had to make some major changes. We sold our house, built a tiny space, and sold or donated a lot of our belongings. 

Simplifying is an ongoing process, but we are continuing to learn how to life more simply, not only with stuff but with our time as well. 

02. Explore

Exploring this beautiful world and different cultures is our biggest passion, and we hope that our adventures and experiencing other cultures will help us raise world-class citizens who have a passion for adventure and serving others.

03. Serve

Showing our boys the importance of serving others with love and compassion is our #1 parenting goal. We realize how incredibly blessed we are to travel and now it's time to pay it forward. 

Our goal is to give back in some way to the communities that we visit either with our time, resources, prayers, or monetarily. 


“life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all.”

helen Keller


our story

We are Nathan and Danielle Grant, high school sweethearts who have been a couple for nearly half our lives (married for 9 of those years). We discovered our love for travel and adventure in our early twenties, but found ourselves trapped with the typical financial obligations (student loans, car payments, mortgage) that kept us from the freedom that we dreamed of. 

After years of living the "American dream", working hard with traditional 9-5 type jobs, we grew tired of our stuff owning us and not having the time to enjoy it. We realized we wanted more than what society has told us our whole lives is necessary to live a happy life. So we decided to sell our beautiful home in Oregon wine country in the summer of 2013 with the intent of simplifying and traveling the world.

A week after we listed our house for sale we found out that we were expecting our first baby! What a wonderful surprise! We still wanted to simplify and get out from under our big mortgage and all of the time and energy it took to take care of the house. Fortunately, we were able to sell the house within a month and find a smaller home to rent until we figured out the next step. In April 2014, we welcomed our first son to the world. We spent those early months as parents just getting used to our new life, but never stopped dreaming. 

When our son was about 6 months, wanderlust was calling. The tiny house movement really inspired us and we convinced Nate's folks to let us build a "tiny space" in their massive garage. It didn't take much convincing, and we built the space in about 3 weeks. We downsized once again and moved into our 180 ft tiny space and put a few things into a small storage unit.

Then we were off on our first snowbird adventure to Kauai. Nate was able to work remotely for those couple of months and it was a wonderful adventure we attribute to our new love of "slow-travel". That trip was a wonderful reminder of what we had been after all along. The time and freedom to spend together as a family doing what we love. We returned back home to our "tiny space" with the intentions to be there for a couple of months and then take off on another adventure. Within a few weeks of being home we discovered we were expecting baby #2. A different kind of adventure than we were expecting, but so blessed! The next year and half we spent growing a baby and then surviving the newborn stages all over again. Once the newborn fog faded, we started planning more adventures, this time as a family of four. In August 2016, Nate started a remote programming job which has enabled us to become digital nomads. We took off on our first international trip with the boys to visit friends in South Africa for a couple of months in September 2016 and we've been on the road since (minus a few trips back home).

So here we are, with two little boys, and big BIG BIG dreams. For now with less financial burdens and the flexibility to be location independent , we plan to slow travel the globe for as long as it makes sense for our little family. We are so excited to share our adventures and hope we can inspire other families along the way!  



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