A New Look

Welcome to Granted Travels' new look! We created the Granted Travels site a few years ago after really discovering our passion for travel. At that time we were maintaining two full time jobs, a 2,350 square foot house, while trying to sneak in travel as we could. 

Of course, living that type of lifestyle left very little time for what we were truly passionate about. Travel, adventure, experiences. Over the last year we have made a lot of changes to our lifestyle to try and simplify. With these changes we hope to have more time, energy, and money to do the things that we love. 

We will try our best to keep this site updated on our latest adventures in travel (with child now) and simple living on the blog. There are so many places and things we want to explore in this world, we hope that we can inspire others to seek out their dreams along the way. Cheers!


Danielle GrantComment