Hello there! Welcome to Granted Travels. We've created this site to document and share our experiences as a young family escaping the traditional "American Dream" way of life, while carving out our own path. Daring to live life a bit more simply, but with a whole lot more adventure! After discovering our love for travel in our early 20's, we quickly became hooked. Now entering our 30's, we are ready to take on the world - this time with our son in tow. We believe that exploring the world is the best education we can receive and share with our son. Hopefully we can inspire others along the way to live life intentionally and to take action on your dream life. So kick off your shoes and stay a while, our journey is just getting started.


Find out more about us, our story, and our goals.

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A blog about our adventures, travel hacks, and simple living.

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Travel Tips

Eat Gelato. Lots and lots of it. The End.

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Photo galleries of the amazing places we've explored so far.

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